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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Family Feel Loved

Too often we let the menial, everyday tasks we’re wrapped up in seem more important than the most important things – our family. It’s crucial that our family knows they’re more important to us than our job or our lengthy to-do lists. Let’s keep our priorities in order…and show our loved ones that they’re number one. Here are some simple ways we can show our husband and children how much we care about them.

  • Your facial expressions or tone of voice can send powerful messages of love. When your husband comes home from work, or when you pick your kids up from school, let them know from your body language and verbal inflections how much you missed them and how much they mean to you. Express your excitement in seeing them, and your interest in what they did that day. Show that you’re happy to be with them again by hugging them, smiling at them, and using a joyful tone of voice.
  •  Do something special for them that you know they will appreciate and that shows how well you know themFix your husband’s favorite desert, or offer to play your child’s favorite game with them. If your child loves reading, ask them to accompany you on a trip to the library. Give your husband a foot massage or just sit and watch the news (or even a football game) with him when he gets home from work. You’ll be surprised how rewarding these small acts of selflessness can be!
  • Make sure you have some one-on-one time with each of your family members. It’s important that your kids, and especially your husband, know that they’re individually special to you. You have separate relationships with each of them, which require separate time and specialized attention. Group family activities are great, but make sure that’s not the only kind of time you spend with your family members!

By: Kati Raymer

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