Kids (4-12)

4 Ways to Overcome Envy and Jealousy

Jealousy gets the best of all of us from time to time—no matter our age or maturity. So it’s no wonder that it can be a big challenge for some kids. Envy can make even fortunate children dissatisfied and angry. So talk to your child about how to recognize those feelings and trade them in for more positive emotions.

1. Remind her to count her blessings. Often, jealous kids have lost sight of their own talents and worth and have become fixated on those of others.  Remind your child of her own blessings, like a good friend, or an area where she excels. If we feel good about ourselves, we’re less likely to become envious of others.

2. Call it what it is. Training your child to be honest with himself is important. So don’t tippy-toe around why he doesn’t like Johnny right now. Just come out and say, “I know you’re probably jealous because he’s the pitcher and you wanted to be.” The first step to moving past a feeling is to admit that it’s there.

3. Demonstrate what being happy for others looks like. Your kids are watching you closer than you know. If you consistently find it in yourself to be happy for the successes of others, even when you’re a little envious yourself, it will speak volumes to them about how they should react in a similar situation.

4. Don’t tolerate acting out in jealousy. Draw a distinction between having a jealous feeling and being honest about it and actually acting on that feeling. Make sure your kids know that mean words or actions that are rooted in jealousy will not be tolerated.

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