Happy Marriage Tips

5 Easy-to-Do but Easy-to-Overlook Personal Spruce-Ups

1. Sweet Aromas

If you have something good cooking or baking when your husband gets home, that’s a big plus. But, you also want to smell fresh. If you’re passable as is, put on a little perfume or scented lotion. If you really do need a freshening up, take a quick shower.

2. Kissable

Have you brushed your teeth since lunch – or breakfast?! If not, grab that toothbrush and go, girl! End with some mouthwash and pucker up!

3. Do the Do

Do you have the frizzies or flyaways? Have you brushed your hair today or are you still in this morning’s ponytail? Head to the mirror for a touch-up.

4. Stain Free Zone

Do you have any remainders of spit up, spills or stains on your clothes? Do you have on your everyday mom outfit that has a tear here or a hole there? What about your shoes? Grab something cute (and non-wrinkled) from your closet and dress to impress your man!

5. Finishing Touches

If you’re a natural beauty who can get by with no make-up – go for it!; For the rest of us, a little lipstick or gloss goes a long way.

And, hey, we’re not trying to say we need to look like we’re ready for a photo shoot when we see our husband at the end of the day, so don’t put pressure on yourself for that. But, sometimes making a little effort can give us a boost too. 

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