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5 Ways to Host a Party Worth Celebrating

Birthday parties are great fun for our kids and their guests, but if you plan without thinking it through, you could unintentionally stir up a social hornet’s nest. Here are a few tips for throwing a bash that’s lots of fun and doesn’t ruffle feathers:

1.  The Size/Type of Party.

  • If she prefers a sleepover, make sure she understands that she’ll need to keep the guest list smaller than if she has a two-hour cake and ice cream-type party.
  • If you’re going to a pay-to-party facility (like a roller rink or kid’s party facility), check on the cost per guest to help determine how many friends your budget can handle.

2. The Guest List.

  • If your child is inviting several girls from her class, she should invite them all. The same goes for boys.
  • If your child’s party is a smaller affair, remind him that it’s impolite to talk about the party in the presence of friends who aren’t invited.
  • Think about the friendships among your guests (especially older kids). If you’re inviting two people who are typically a part of an inseparable threesome, go ahead and include the third buddy.

3.  The Invitations.

  • Don’t let your child pass out invitations at school, unless you’re inviting the whole class. Use the mail when only selected kids are included.

4.  Mix and Mingle. On party day, remind your child that he has a responsibility to help his guests have fun and feel included in activities.

  • Remind your child to say “thank you” for any gifts received.
  • Remind your child to thank his friends for coming to the party as they depart.

5.  A Gracious Receiver.

  • Make sure that your kid writes a quick thank you note for gifts received, ASAP.
  • Younger children can use the simple fill-in-the-blank thank you notes that require less writing.


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