Summer Activities for Kids

Celebration Dinner

Ideas to Make Your Child’s Celebration Dinner a Night to Remember

1. Set a special table: real dishes, flowers, cloth napkins or placemats and place cards.

2. Invite family or friends.

3. Prepare their favorite foods.

4. Have a graduation theme – graduation from kindergarten, third grade, any grade!

5. Do a slide show on your computer.

6. Place framed photos of them, from the school year, on the table.

7. Escort your children into dinner.

8. Give thanks for a school year successfully and safely completed.

9. Make a toast – clink glasses.

10. Take a photo of them holding a sheet of paper with the school year they’ve just completed written on it. Recognize them by telling them why you are so proud of them!

11. Put the spotlight on them with these questions:

  • What was their favorite part of the school year?
  • What are they looking forward to most about next year?
  • What do they plan to do over the summer?
  • What kind of small vacations would they want to take?

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