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Kids Room Clean-Up

You made it through Thanksgiving… now it’s time to get in gear for Christmas.  To make room for the Christmas gifts your children will get, try one of these “out with old, in with the new” tricks.

1. Before you play

A Texas iMOM says this one works every time.  When her children ask to go outside to play, use their DS or watch TV, she says “sure” with one string attached.  Her kids have to find two toys they don’t want anymore, and put them in a basket by the back door.

2. Doing good for others

If your children have a heart for helping others, you have a win-win—you’ll get rid of unused toys, and do a good deed at the same time.  So, choose a charity, or needy family that will benefit from your hand-me-downs.  Make it real to your children by showing them where the toys will go, or tell them about the family they’ll be helping.

Once your children have gone through their toys and made a give-away pile, praise them for their generosity.  This is where a trip to the ice cream shop would fit in very nicely.  (Or, if it’s too cold for that, go for a cup of hot chocolate.)

3. Cha-ching

Some kids are motivated by money.  That’s not a bad thing, if you can help them manage that money well.  Explain to your kids that after they’ve gathered up the toys and games to give away, you’ll go through them and see what you can sell on Craigslist or other sites.  Or, you can start a “garage sale” box.  Store their items in it until you have your next sale.  In the meantime, let the kids put price stickers on their toys even before you load up the box.


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