Kids (4-12)

Making Friends: Helping Your Children Make Friends

Five ways to help your kids meet other kids and make friends…

1. Develop good manners in your children.  If your children are rude, aggressive or poor sports, other children won’t want to be around them.  Make sure your kids know how to resolve conflict in a non-physical, non-threatening way.

2. Help shy children come out of their shells.  There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, but if it’s keeping your child from making friends, help him with simple social skills:  role play conversations where he comes up with questions to ask others, let him practice overcoming his shyness by letting him speak up for himself when you’re at a restaurant or store.

3. Work around their physical or mental challenges.  If your child has a physical or mental disability, discuss it with them openly.  Let them talk about how it makes them feel in social settings.  Come up with game plans for handling those awkward first meetings.

4. Make friends with other parents who have children who might be compatible with yours.  Your kids won’t automatically be friends with your friends’ children, but it’s a starting point.

5. Set up fun play dates.  Invite other children and their moms to your home, or plan on meeting somewhere fun.


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