Nobody has it all: Not even Sandra Bullock

In the span of a week, she won an Oscar and found out her husband allegedly cheated on her. Happily, she’s added new joy to her life with the adoption of her son. Clearly, nobody has it all!

Even for us “non-famous” moms, it’s easy to fall into believing that if we had the perfect house, the perfect husband, and the perfect children we would be happy.  But whether you’re religious or not, the scientific data points out that true joy is found in faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

So focus on cultivating love where it matters most – in your home – with the six characteristics of a close-knit family listed below – we have tools to help you with each one – just click on the link to see what they are!

And in this week’s Learn A Latte, Dr. Greg Smalley talks about 5 ways to cultivate kindness in your family.

Close knit families:

1. Have a high degree of appreciation for each other
2. Spend time together
3. Have good communication
4. Are committed to each other
5. Are religious
6. Deal with crisis in a positive manner




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