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Seek Wise Spiritual Counsel

Seek Wise Spiritual Counsel

Spiritual guidance and counsel, especially if you or a family member is facing a life-threatening situation, is a critical component of your health care team approach. If your church congregation has elders, make an appointment to see them. They are often able to give you wise counsel, recommend the names of others who have experienced the same problem, and pray with you and your family.

If your church does not have elders, schedule a visit with a trustworthy pastoral professional. Or ask friends to recommend a member of the clergy whom you might visit.

If you’re not active in a church but desire spiritual guidance, consider calling your local hospital to see if there’s a chaplain on staff. Hospital chaplains will pray with you and encourage you as you seek wisdom to make the best possible decision.

Round Out Your Spiritual Wheel

It’s virtually impossible to become a highly healthy person without a balanced spiritual wheel. If your spiritual wheel is on the flat side — and up to this point you’ve done nothing about it — now’s the time. Make a decision today to talk to a friend, neighbor or colleague who seems to have a balanced spiritual wheel. If you don’t know anyone like this, call a member of the local clergy. Ask for an appointment to talk about your spiritual needs. There’s no wiser decision than to invite the One who created you and designed you into your life.

Taken with permission and adapted from 10 Essentials of Highly Healthy People by Walt Larimore, M.D. with Traci Mullins.

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