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The 2 Secrets to Peace

The Fit Mom training regimen requires that you focus on your health in three areas: physical, spiritual and emotional.

Pouanjand for pound, ounce for ounce, the two key heavy weights to bringing about emotional health are the practice of forgiveness and positive thinking.


Dr. Fred Luskin, professor at Stanford University, has done extensive studies on forgiveness from a psychological and physiological perspective.  His studies confirm that forgiveness reduces anger, hurt, depression, and stress and leads to greater feelings of hope, peace, compassion and self-confidence.

It seems that forgiveness benefits the forgiver more than the one being forgiven!  Learning to give people the benefit of the doubt, while remembering how often we have blown it and wanted to be forgiven, or taking the giant step to refrain from holding a grudge for an egregious offense, can be the TKO (Technical Knock Out) to stress, depression and other negative effects that impede our journey on the road to emotional wellness.

Forgiveness Training Tips

  • Figure out who you need to forgive, including yourself.
  • Make direct contact to extend forgiveness or journal a note of forgiveness.
  • Do a ‘true forgiveness’ self-inventory to make sure you no longer have feelings of bitterness, resentment, ill will, revenge, nor are you keeping record of their wrongs.

Positive Thinking

As the saying goes, we are what we think.  Your thoughts can energize you, build your confidence, and keep you focused on growing and achieving your goals.

But your thoughts can also have the power to drain you, tear down your confidence, throw you off track and leave you in the dumps. The negative mind chatter that says “There is no way you can do it,” “You’ve tried before and failed,” or “You’ll never change” can take its toll.

But when you train your mind to see the positive in every situation you will be able to go the distance and have the negative mind chatter down for the count.

Positive Thinking Training Tips

  • Look for something new and good about every day. Keep a journal to record your findings or post it as your Facebook status.
  • Develop a new positive personal motto that you can repeat whenever the negative tapes start playing in your mind (e.g. “I have so much to live for and give to the world”, or “I was put here on earth for a purpose and I intent to fulfill it.”).
  • Begin embracing each challenge with courage and confidence.
  • Spend time around positive people.

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

- W. Clement Stone

Don’t find yourself on the ropes.  Take care of your emotional health through forgiveness and positive thinking.

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Used with permission from Tonja Ward. For more great ideas and fitness advice from Tonja , visit her blog.

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