You’re the Mom, Your Child is a Child

Your attitude, words, and behaviors do influence your child every time you are together.  As parents, we must take responsibility for our own power of influence and stop blaming our children for the bad relationship.  We are older and more mature.  Our children are on the front end of life, still trying to learn.  We can go a long way in creating a good climate in which that learning can take place.”

Those words were written by Dr. Gary Chapman, and Dr. Ross Campbell.  How true they are.  How many times have you wondered how a child can upset you so much – when you’re an adult!  So, the Doctors encourage us to keep growing as moms so that we can feel confident in the job we’re doing.

Grow in Confidence

Sometimes confidence in parenting seems like an unreachable goal. But the closer you come to complete confidence, the more your children will benefit from it. Drs. Campbell and Chapman explain, “Confident parents do all in their power to help their children mature. They place genuine importance on their children’s feelings and thoughts, and let them know that those opinions and feelings are deeply important.”

A confident mother will keep her cool – most of the time.  She won’t argue with a 6-year-old and expect her to act like an adult.  She will admit when she is wrong, and take steps to change her approach.  She will feel strong in the fact that she is trying to do her best and has her children’s best interest at heart.  She won’t expect herself to be perfect, but she will not make excuses to justify bad habits or patterns in her parenting.

Used with permission from the book, Parenting Your Adult Child: How You Can Help Them Achieve Their Full Potential, by Drs. Ross Campbell and Gary Chapman.

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